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24th June 2008

Miss Dipti Gangwal a 5th year student of Architecture from Hyderabad College doing a project on Senior Citizen’s Retirement Homes visited Golden Nest to collect information. She said she had visited a number of Senior’s homes in Pune and other cities in India and found Golden Nest very up-market. Her research comprises of a lot of Senior’s homes abroad with advanced care and technologies for the aged.
.On 31st October 2008  Just Homes (I) Pvt Ltd took over the Management of Golden Nest.

15th June 2008
Dr.J.T. Contractor Phd, MD (AM), DN.,MCCM,FCCM) Herbalist and President of Rabab Cancer Care and Herbal Research Foundation, Pune is one of our new doctors appointed by Dr. Atif Shaikh at Golden Care Clinic. He gave a presentation on herbal cure for cancer. Expounding the benefits of herbs he said, ‘taking recourse to nature is the only way to live a healthy and disease-free life.’ The talk was followed by a question/answer session in which the residents participated with enthusiasm and interest
2nd June 2008 to
6th June 2008
The Chinmaya Mission Discourse on Bagavad Gita came to an end with the 18th Chapter. It was well attended by guests and residents of Golden Nest. After the puja and bhajans, Mrs. Shanta Narayan a devotee who was responsible for organizing the Bagavad Gita discourse at Golden Nest said that spreading the message of ‘Gita way of life’ has been close to her heart and thanked Swami Shailesh Chaitanya for his interesting presentation of the message of Bagavad Gita and cooperation in bringing it to a successful conclusion. She also thanked all those who were present for their regular attendance. Later ‘prasad’ was served in the Cafeteria by the residents and with that the programme ended.
14th Feb 2008 A Condolence Meet was held at the Balaji Temple grounds at 4 p.m. where a huge crowd comprising of Mr. R. Vasudevan, his family members, friends, Golden Nest residents and business associates came to pay their last respects to the departed soul of Mr. Rama Murthy.
11th Feb 2008
Smita Thakker and Mr. Rajan Khinvasara brought Mr. Sam Dolnick , Representative of Associated Press of USA based in New Delhi and Gautam Singh his photographer to interview the residents of Golden Nest. Mr. Dolnick was very impressed with Golden Nest and was interested to know how the new concept of Seniors living away form their family in India was catching up and the Senior’s present life-style. Some of the residents said they preferred to be independent, and were happy with the new concept others preferred the old joint family system for better bonding with the family. The photographer took shots of the Seniors in many poses and later a copy of the Indian Express with Mr. & Mrs. Naidu relaxing in their apartment was sent to us with a write-up on a number of Seniors Homes in India interviewed by them.
10th Feb 2008
Mr. Rama Murthy (father of Mr. R. Vasudevan, Vascon, Chairman) passed away after a short illness.
30th Jan 2008
Initiated by Mr. M.H. Dalal (Board Secretary, Golden Nest Marigold Trust), the CEO of Ruby Hall Mr. Bomi Bhote accompanied by Dr. Sanjeev Tandale, Dr. D.N. Bala Rao and a Lady Physiotherapist visited the Golden Nest Physiotherapy Clinic now known as ‘Golden Care Clinic’ with the object of better equipping the Clinic with first aid facilities and other medical services such as blood collection, ECG checks etc. Later a long discussion took place between the Ruby Hall Representatives and the Doctors of Golden Care Clinic, Dr. Atif Shaikh (Physiotherapist), Dr. Kumar Mandare (GP) and Shama Vijayan (Trustee). Mr. Bomi Bhote was briefed about the present Set-up by Dr. Shaikh who said that he is responsible for the creation of Golden Care Clinic which has completed a year and a half and has under his banner a GP, an Orthopaedic and a Peadiatrician. He also explained the special discount offers to the Golden Nest Seniors.
8th Nov 2007
The residents celebrated Diwali in the evening between 7 pm and 8.30 pm. Mrs. A. Raman (resident) decorated the main hall with a huge colorful Rangoli design with divas and flowers which filled the place with an air of festivity. A Bharatanatyam recital rendered by the talented and graceful Madavi Nadkarni niece of Mrs. Kusum Gokarn (resident) was the highlight of the evening. She also delighted everyone by singing in her beautifully melodious voice two bhajans at the beginning of her show. Her husband gave an accompaniment on the synthesis and flute. Madavi received her Bharatanatyam training from the Rukmini Arundale Kathak Shetra, Chennai and is also a student of the Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, and Bihar and now runs her own dance and yoga classes in Mumbai. The celebration winded off with sweets and snacks and soft drinks served in the Cafeteria.
21st Oct 2007
Dr. Kumar Mandre new Family Physician inaugurated the setting up of his Practice at the Golden Nest Physiotherapy Clinic (commencing 1st Nov 2007 between 9.30 and 11.30 am daily), by performing a simple Puja with the help of his father and distributed sweets and soft drinks to everyone. The residents welcomed the new doctor warmly. Its worth noting that the doctor’s first patient on the day was Malti Jain mother of Mr. Jain (resident) who apparently is relieved to have a doctor in the house.
1st Oct 2007
To celebrate “Elders Day” Suman Merchant, the President and Mrs. Madavi Chandan, the Vice President, of “The Inner Wheel Ladies Group, Riverside Rotary Club Pune”, organized a fun-filled Entertainment cum Luncheon Programme at Golden Nest between 11 am and 2 pm. Present among the 60 odd guests were Mr & Mrs. Rama Murthy, (Vascon’s Chairman Mr. R. Vasudevan’s parents). Mr. Rajan Khinvasara, Chairman and Ms Smita Thakker Marketing Manager (Manisha Constructions Joint Venture Co of Vascon). Welcoming the guests Mr. Murthy gave a very inspiring speech as to how Seniors should maintain a youthful and healthy approach to life citing himself as an example he said he has defied age and health problems like bad sight among other things and has sustained himself in good form and lives an active life till today. He was given a rousing applause by all those present.
15th Sep 2007
On Ganesh Chaturthi, Ganesh Puja was performed by a Pandit from Balaji Temple at 8.45 a.m. in the Golden Nest main hall and later breakfast was served in the cafeteria well attended by all the residents.
19th Aug. 2007
A Mass Media Senior Student Ms Rithambara from Symbiosis Institute doing a course in journalism sponsored by the Times of India interviewed the residents of Golden Nest in general and pictures of the residents in poses of leisure were taken and an article titled “Living In Style” with picutures appeared in the Times of India a week later
15th Aug 2007
This year Independence Day Celebration was organised by The Royal Orchid Group of Hotels (our new neighbour). Mr. Vinay Chotalia the General Manager hoisted the flag as the Residents of Golden Nest, the Staff of Royal Orchid and the Golden Nest Housekeeping staff and their children gleefully burst out singing the National Anthem. Sweets were distributed to the children and breakfast was served in the Golden Nest Cafeteria by the Kasba Restaurant of Royal Orchid Group.
8th June 2007
A Health Care presentation by Ashish Sharma Chief Visionary of VNurture Healthcare (Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) took place at Golden Nest. This new concept of a patient–centred health care system linked to an information network of doctors, hospitals, clinics, labs, chemists and health plans is a novel project that Mr. Sharma and a group of Software Engineers have embarked upon. The web-based portal provides a secure and standard-based Personal Health Record (PHR) available via the network and under the control of the patients. The core services consist of free storage of information, creating of health care schemes, accessing the PHR and interaction with doctors etc online, integration to medical room and facilities, alert and reminder systems for health checkups and medicines and access codes for security.
1st May 2007
On Maharashtra Labour Day the Residents of Golden Nest held a Contributory Dinner and Games Evening 7.30 pm to 10 pm and in keeping with the spirit of the Labour Day the Housekeeping and other Labour Staff were included to take part in the celebration.
26th Jan 2007
On Republic Day at 8.30 a.m. the Residents of Golden Nest observed the Flag hoisting ceremony. Children and Teachers from the Mobile Creche joined in and sweets were distributed. Later breakfast was served in the Cafeteria.
06th Jan 2007
A one-day Free Homoepathy consultation/Treatment Camp was conducted by Miss Aafreen Khan (Homoepathy Doctor) at Golden Nest organized by Dr. Aatif Shaikh our Physiotherapy Doctor
31st Dec 06
A contributory New Years Eve Dinner and Drinks party was organized at Golden Nest and the residents had a wonderful time.
25th Dec 06
Christmas was celebrated at Golden Nest in the real Christmas spirit with a Christmas tree, Christmas Carols for music and a Christmas lunch hosted by Mr. and Mrs. C. Colaco (residents). The residents had a great time sipping wine and eating plum cake and then helping themselves to a sumptuous lunch. For dessert there was a Yule Tide Chocolate Cake given by Golden Nest as well as some special Christmas sweets served by the hostess.
1st Nov 06
Free Yoga Course for 8 days sponsored by Ms Sandya Kher President, Inner Wheel Rotary Club was conducted by Ms Sheela Dange (Yoga specialist from Hardwar. Mr. M.H. Dalal President, Rotary Club and Trustee was instrumental in making this very useful and beneficial course available to the Senior Citizens of Golden Nest right in their premises. All the residents and guests who attended the course have greatly appreciated and benefited by the course and are now practicing the pranayams on their own.
25 Oct 06
On the Occasion of Eid Ul Fitr an enjoyable Dinner Party was organized at Golden Nest and all the members who attended relished the Eid biriyani and other goodies.
23 Oct 06
A highly interesting talk on “Risk Management” was given by Dr. Haresh Shah, (member of Golden Nest) Professor from the University of Stanford, USA who was visiting Pune for a few days. The residents participated by asking questions and solutions to many of their problems. The Occasion being Eid Mr. and Mrs. Dalal who could not attend the talks very kindly sent home-cooked delicious Eid sweet dish to be served to all the members.
21 Oct 06 On Diwali Lakshmi Puja Day the ceremony of lamp lighting took place at the Golden Nest attended by all the members and sweets and snacks were served.
08 Oct 06
On the occasion of Elders Day, Mr. & Mrs. Gokarn (residents of Golden Nest) who are also members of the Senior Citizens Literature Club invited all the members of The Senior Citizen’s Literature Club to Golden Nest to give talks on “Is English Exclusive to Englishmen” & “Old Age and How to Live a Happy Old Age”. The talks were interesting and well participated. This was followed by a vegetarian lunch hosted by Mr. & Mrs. Gokarn.
06 Oct 06
On Purnima Kojagiri ( Auspicious Full Moon Night) all the members of Golden Nest observed the ceremony by gathering on the terrace of the building to watch the full moon and its reflection in a pot of sweetened milk and later indulged in singing songs and cracking jokes and drinking the blessed milk and eating snacks and some sat up to play a game of cards till past midnight.
29 Sep.2006
Dr. Fazal A. Sayyad , Physiotherapist from Jehangar Hospital conducted a Group Question /Answer Session' at Golden Nest and will be starting a course of treatment for the residents at the Golden Nest Clin.
4th Sep. 2006
Talk on ‘Growing Old Gracefully ‘ by Dr. Mina Bobdey Geriatric Psychiatrist sponsored by Jehangir Hospital took place at the Golden Nest which was attended by the residents as well as members of Senior Citizens Club of Kalyaninagar. The talk was insightful and I interesting and Dr. Bobdey's presentation was well appreciated
23 rd Aug. 2006
The first day of Ganesh Chaturthi puja was performed at 10.30 am in the Main Hall of the Golden Nest attended by all the residents. Later prasad and snacks and tea/coffee were served in the Cafeteria.
15 th Aug. 2006
All the residents of Golden Nest assembled in the garden at 8.30 am to celebrate Independence Day. The flag hoisting ceremony took place amidst the singing of the National Anthem joined in by the children and teachers of the Mobile Creche who came trooping in waving flags. Later sweets were distributed to everyone.
15 th July 2006
Mr. M.H. Dalal Hon. Secretary and CEO threw a Grand Cocktails and Dinner Party at the Golden Nest in celebration of his appointment as the Rotary President of Pune Rotary Club and Mrs. Zubeen Dalal as the Rotarian Ann. Present among the 133 invitees were Mr. and
Mrs. R. Vasudevan, eminent members of the Rotary Club including the residents of Golden Nest.
12 th July 2006
Golden Nest Day,” the 1 st Anniversary of Golden Nest was celebrated on the 12 th of July marked by a full-day programme.

Mr. M.H. Dalal, CEO and Hon. Secretary began his welcome speech by first requesting the residents and guests numbering more than 60 to observe one minute silence for those who were killed in yesterday's (11 July 2006) Mumbai Bomb Blast. Continuing to address the gathering he said that it was on this day 12 th of July a year ago that the keys were handed over to the residents. He stated that inspite of a few hiccups the Commune has fared remarkably well so far and was happy to admit that there has been no erosion to the Corpus Fund even by a single paisa which received an applause from the residents.
19 May 2006
A 7-day session in laughter therapy combined with simple yoga for better physical and mental health was conducted by Ms Neelu Nanwani (resident) a specialist in this field attended by only the residents.
6 Mar 2006
The Sathya Sai Baba Mission conducted a 1 hour Bajan programme at the Golden Nest which was well attended by the residents as well as outsiders
1 st Nov '05
Diwali was celebrated by performing a puja in the morning at around 10 a.m. by the residents of Golden Nest in the Multi-purpose hall. Mr. M.H. Dalal graced the occasion. Later sweets, snacks and coffee were served in the Community hall. The permanent house-keeping staff, the driver, gardener,  each received bonus and a box of sweets  on the occasion.
28 th to 31 st Oct 2005
The Osho Commune conducted their 2nd session of their training programme for their Osho Group in the Golden Nest Community Hall.
4 th to 8 th Oct 2005 The Chinmaya Mission conducted their first  Discourse Session on Baghavad Gita ‘Chapter I’ which was well attended by a group of Seniors and guests. Such sessions covering each chapter everytime were conducted every 2-3 months.
19 Sep. 2005
Tina Ambani,  Editor of Harmony came to attend a meeting with the Senior Executive Staff of the Golden Nest for setting up a Harmony Centre at the Golden Nest. The Harmony Centre will be like an activity centre for the Senior Citizens. Special sessions will be open both to the residents of the Golden Nest as well as Ambani's Organisation – Harmony in Mumbai
13 th to
16 th Aug 2005
The Osho Commune conducted a training programme for their Osho Group in the Golden Nest Community Hall.
12 July 2005
The key Handing Over Ceremony was held at the Golden Nest . Among those present on the occasion were Shri N. Rama Murthy (father of Mr. R. Vasudevan), Shri Harachand Khinvasara (father of Mr. Rajan Khinvasara), Mr. R. Vasudevan MD & Owner of Vascon Engineers, Mr. Rajan Khinvasara MD & Owner of Manisha Constructions, Dr. K.B. Grant, Head of Ruby Hall, Mr. Bomi Bhote, CEO of Ruby Hall, Dr. S. Sathe, HDFC, Reliance Team Headed by Hiren Mehta and the CEO, Mr. M.H. Dalal. Also attending the function were over 60 Senior Citizens.

The CEO M. H. Dalal in his opening welcome speech announced that the occasion was not only a celebration of Handing Over of the Keys or Vascon Day but also happens to be Shri Rama Moorthy's birthday. The audience responded by giving Shri Rama Moorthy a standing ovation.
11 July 2005
The Inner Wheel Club, Pune Riverside, part of the Rotary Riverside Club had organized a ‘Dada-Dadi' Day Out. Veteran Mohan Agashe inaugurated the programme and was the Special Guest for the evening.

About 100 Senior Citizens participated in various fun and games and group activities. There were also slide shows on health care.
11 June 2003
The Bhoomi Poojan of The Golden Nest was performed by the former Chief Secretary of the Government of Maharashtra. Present on the occasion were MD R. Vasudevan, Vascon Engineers, MD Rajan Khinvasara, Manisha Constructions Joint Developers of the Project and the CEO, Golden Nest, M.H. Dalal.

The highlights of the occasion were Ameen Sayani's enthralling music and a classical dance recital on the phases of life by Rewati Salunkhe.
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